Environmental Impact

Monitoring water fountains offers new sustainability analytics

Context and scope

In December 2019 we installed the Droople telemetry monitoring suite on a water fountain located in a restaurant on a university campus to better understand the usage of the fountain and its environmental impact in terms of plastic bottles saved. The study was conducted over 5 weeks.



Based on the data collected on the water fountain in the cafeteria over 5 weeks, we identified 3 important points:

  1. There is a risk to exceed the water filter capacity. The owner should verify the maintenance frequency with the filtration system provider.
  2. The fountain is used to its maximal capacity during lunchtime. Adding a second fountain should be considered.
  3. The fountain is only used during lunchtime but not during the rest of the day, despite the cafeteria being open the whole day.

Therefore, continuous monitoring is recommended!

Additionally, the following metrics were computed:



Water usage





plastic bottles avoided per year

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