IoT water intelligence platform to efficiently manage water-based assets

Smart Filtration & Water Treatment

Use telemetry to efficiently manage your water treatment systems and optimize your service cost.

Manage your assets digitally Comply with requirements

Plan service effort 

Smart Sanitation

Monitor the usage & cleanliness of your restrooms !

Optimize your cleaning processes Assess your hygiene score Predict your consumable usage

Unprecedented service quality leveraged by our proprietary sensor system

Droople enables a new era of water intelligence thanks to its proprietary multi-purpose cloud-connected water sensor.

"There is currently no turnkey system out there [other than Droople] for monitoring buildings' water consumption"

David Gremaud – Chef de projet Energies at EPFL

"Droople's ability to provide us with smart water flow and temperature data in real time and at a reasonable cost allows us to consider managing comfort services - distribution of drinking water, hot water for sanitaries, and heat - as close as possible to their use, as is the case with electric meters in shared buildings. "

Stéphane Storelli – Head of Innovation at Altis Group

Case Studies


Pay-per-use for water

Implementation of a pay-per-use system for hot and cold water for events and shared buildings managed by Altis, a service provider managing water, power and heating grids in Wallis.


Unexpected water consumption

Identifying causes for unexpected water consumption in a building, including potential leakage or inappropriate behaviors from the tenants using remote monitoring of the water meter, visualization tools and trend fitting algorithms.


Energy saving

Audit of compressor cooling systems related to refrigeration cycles of campus restaurants to identify energy savings using heat recovery.

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