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Energy Assessment

Energy Assessment

Energy evaluation of the heat recovery potential on the cooling of cold compressors in restaurants on a university campus.

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Active Pilot Projects

Altis, Espace Saint-Marc, Valais

Altis a Service Provider managing water, power and heating grids for Commune de Bagnes, Sembrancher, Vollèges and Bovernier in Wallis. The pilot project aims to implement pay-per-use for hot and cold water, first at Espace Saint-Marc when it is rented for events, then for shared buildings managed by Altis at a larger scale.

SPG, Geneva

The pilot project aims to deliver a data-driven water audit report on the unexpected water consumption occured in 2018 to identify potential leakage or inappropriate behaviors from the tenants. This pilot includes a retrofit installation to collect remotely the data from the main water meter. Then, all those data were analyzed on our Cloud platform with leakage and trend fitting algorithms to produce key insights and recommendations summarized in one report.

The pilot project aims to deliver a data-driven energy audit report of the potential savings of compressor cooling systems related to the refrigeration cycles of campus restaurants. This report includes the installation of Droople solution at the relevant metering points, a measurement campaign carried out over several weeks representative of an estimate, regarding the potential for heat recovery as well as recommendations on the measures to be taken to achieve these savings. This audit focuses only on some of the energy processes and aims to establish the magnitude of the economies.