Cloud Platform - The web interface to monitor your assets

Droople’s Cloud Platform stores, aggregates, and exposes the data collected by the sensors. Using dynamic and tailor-made visualizations, you can directly access the relevant information to make quick and efficient decisions.

Your control tower for water monitoring

Our Cloud Platform allows you to visualize all your data, anytime and anywhere. Access directly to dashboards displaying your key metrics, dive into each asset’s details, or use the dynamic map to locate quickly dysfunctional assets.

Our responsive interface adapts to mobile devices as well as desktop-based use. The system is tailor-made for water-based assets such as toilets, faucets, showers, filtration systems, softeners, or water dispensers. We distinguish hot and cold water streams to provide advanced insights including energy consumption.

Using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, access forecasted metrics, enabling predictive maintenance, and helping you optimize and plan your operations efficiently.

Our development team is constantly looking for feedback to improve our platform with the features you need, upgrading the system every month with new functionalities. Do you have a specific need? Go premium and benefit from industry-specific dashboards such as the Smart Sanitation and Smart Filtration solutions. Define triggers that notify you when an important event happens. If you are a service provider, you can then organize interventions to fix issues before your customer notices them.

The Cloud Platform is your control tower to make sure your assets use the water the way you want. You will no longer receive your water consumption details once a year anymore. With Droople, collect feedback instantly to understand, adapt, and react in real-time.

API & Integration

Our API lets you download and integrate your sensor data into your own services seamlessly, or use our HTML Widgets to embed your metrics on your website.

You can integrate your metrics into your own website, using static images or interactive content. Publish your dashboards on public screens to provide feedback to the users of the assets you monitor. Use our REST API to download and process the telemetry data from the sensors on your own servers, or even integrate full dashboards into your own platform seamlessly. Choose the data granularity you need (minute, hour, day, week, month, …) and benefit from pre-cleaned aggregated data ready for use.

Technical specifications

  • Compatible with Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome
  • Hosted in Europe
  • Powered by Amazon Web Services
  • Swiss Made Software
  • Unlimited sensor data secured storage
  • HTTPS REST API with API Key Authentication and full Swagger documentation
  • Embed metrics on your website with Widgets
  • ML-Based water consumption forecasting and anomaly detection
  • Threshold-based notifications

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

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